Take IT easy. Use Software by easyCube.

easyCube means innovative and flexible Software from the heart of Berlin.

Our IT specialists unite there knowledge of Web and App Development with the Kow-How of the current IT infrastructure.

The stated goal: uncomplicated and intuitive Software, which is accurately tailord to the needs of differential customers.

Software is supposed to work, not frustrate.

Our Principles

How we work.





Our Solutions

We give you some differend solutions.

Custom-designed software

Custom-designed software means for us to understand the needs and processes and based on that to develop a suitable strategy. Thereby the outcome could be both a classical Windows-based program and an interactive web-applications or app.

License software

Our offer of a licensed software is based on our experience in the requirements in the industry. Here again we consider the principles of flexibility and individual needs.


Our consulting is based on a well-balanced analyses of process where we also consider the existing software resources and structures.

IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure will be build fast, flexible and safe – independent from size and location.

Our Clients

Some of our happy clients.

Our Partner

Working together.

Our Projects

A short view in our work.

The Voice of Germany – technology for live shows

TV, OnAir App

We got the possibility to care of both the structure and the order of events in real time for the live shows of “The Voice of Germany”. The assessments by the jury were handed in via tablets, calculated, graphically displayed and cued in live. Via modern web technologies interactions and the integration of the audience has been made possible. The playing technology and 3D calculation in real time constitute one of our core competences. 

A Bone for Lotte

TV, OnAir App

We have developed a competition with the studio mascot: an English bulldog named “Lotte”. The game could then be played live on TV. For that the TV audience  gave instructions to the presenter, who then navigated virtual Lotte in search of her bone across the playing field. We also adapted the game regarding to seasons and special holidays. 

More projects in portfolio